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Canton Racing High Capacity Neon Oil Pan - 1995 thru 2005

Windage trays no longer available

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Only 2 available and then they are gone forever!!!

Available quantity will be updates daily.

Should a order be received after the 10 are sold and I have not yet updated the website, I will refund your $$ and $10 sorry you're too late prize.


Don't forget your stud kit: $19.95

Steel, gold chromate anodized oil pan designed to fit all 1995-2005 2.0L engined cars. Will not fit srt-4!

The pan features road race baffle system with 3 trap doors, a windage tray, magnetic drain plug, two 1/2" N.P.T. fittings. Uses OEM pickup. Turbo oil drain in the rear, oil temp bung in the front (less chance of wiring getting damaged when changing axles).

The pan is stock depth meaning it does NOT hang lower than stock pan. The main tray is wider and longer to give you higher capacity. It is 9" wide and 10-1/2" long, has a 6-1/2 quart system capacity.

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