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2000 - 2005 PL2K Inc. SRT-4 Transmission Mount Polyurethane Insert

Note: Mount not included!

Transaxle mount inserts to keep that last link between power and traction from bouncing around in the engine bay under high loads. This is remove any slop in the drivetrain. They fit perfectly in the transaxle mount, on driver's side, under the battery tray. Requires only a shop jack and few sockets to remove the mount, place the inserts and bolt everything back up. You will notice an immdiate difference in the way the car launches from stop. Made from high quality 70dm polyurethane.

May NOT fit some R/T and ACR 2000-2004 neons. It is advisable to verify that shape of your mount matches that of the photo of the left.

Also fits SRT-4 transaxle mount. Get rid of that wheel hop and improve your 60ft times.




























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