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Monster Airdams

95-99 Monster Airdam

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2000-2005 & SRT-4 Monster Airdam

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Updated Feb 2020

Monster Airdam completely replaces the OEM Airdam with a full 44 to 48" wide, durable, impact resistant airdam. It bolts to the frame using all OEM fasteners in the stock locations. This means installation can be completed in under 10 minutes.

As an upgrade, you may want to consider spring mount kit for airdam to reduce incidents of damage and allow it to flex more.

Available configurations:

1995 to 1999 Monster Airdam

  • White and Black Plastic
  • Aluminum

2000 to 2005 and SRT-4 Monster Airdams

  • White and Black Plastic

This is most durable airdam on the market. Surpasses OEm design in function and performance. It's very durable and will endure many driveway scrapes and parking space bumps.

Please be aware that aluminum airdam will bend and deform with each impact. Easy to fix - rubber mallet and flat surface and they can be returned to service quickly. Extreme low temperatures and severe high speed impacts can and will cause plastic airdams to shatter.

Prices include shipping.

$ 64
95-99 Monster Airdam - Aluminum
$ 65 95-99 Monster Airdam Plastic - Black
$ 65 95-99 Monster Airdam Plastic - White
$ 69 2000-05 Monster Airdam Plastic - Black
$ 69 2000-05 Monster Airdam Plastic - White

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