Canton Racing Windage Tray 1995 thru 2005

Now includes stud kit to make installation much simpler. Replaces all stock bolts with studs and serrated head (anti cam-out) flanged nuts.


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Canton Racing Windage tray is the solution you are looking for to get that last hp out of your motor.

Windage tray will not starve your cylinder bores of much needed oil for lubrification like many crank scrapers can. Remember that all 1995 thru 2005 2.0L and non-turbo 2.4L DO NOT have oil squirters to cool the pistons like the turbo motors, so they rely on oil coming off the crank to splash up.

The tray is made of steel, gold chromate anodized designed to fit all 1995-2005 2.0L engined cars. Will not fit srt-4!

Windage tray sandwiches between the engine block and the oil pan. I recommend OEM oil pan gasket between block and the windage tray and RTV silicon between tray and the oil pan.

$89 - Free Shipping now w/ stud kit - $20 value.

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