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EGR Elimination Kit

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Actual kit may differ from images shown. Current kit also includes new bolts for smaller block off on the intake manifold.

Resistor is optional, but recommended.

EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) Elimination kit is your complete solution to remove the EGR system from your vehicle. For off-road use only. Kit comes complete with block off plate for the head and intake manifold to match your engine. Includes new fasteners.

EGR Kit prevents soot and exhaust gas from circulating into the intake manifold. Reduces or eliminates the need to periodically clean the throttle body from soot and oil buildup. Helps prevent power robbing build-up on intake valves. All the hardware associated with EGR system is removed and replaced by these heavy duty block plates. Improves throttle response and maintain clean intake manifolds, reduces buildup on intake valves, improved drivability in the long run.

Use of this kit will trigger your CEL (Check Engine Light) to come on indicating EGR system failure. Use of this kit with aftermarket engine controllers will NOT cause CEL to turn on. I highly recommend Mopar PCM if you are on a budget or AF/X Race for all out competition. Aftermarket PCM's not suitable for turbo or nitrous equipped cars due to advanced timing.

Resistor - 1.2KOhm 10Watts. Make sure manifold material matches what you order. DOHC is only available in aluminum manifold, SOHC, make sure you verify.

Click Here for more detailed information, install how-to

DOHC or SOHC - Aluminum Manifold $ 19
SOHC - Plastic Manifold $ 19
EGR Resistor **** $ 7
EGR Resistor w EGR Kit $ 3
Shipping ( Canada, Hawaii, Alaska ) $ 6

**** When purchased separately!












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